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yet another blog giveaway prize and friends ...

Have you been Skipping in the Meadow yet! A few weeks back I was so excited to learn that I had won the sweet little knitted bird above, made with different threads of wool and ribbon, in Sumea's giveaway, and he was a runners up prize! He flew, as the crow flies, from Somerset, and I have to say I was itching for him to arrive.

I kid thee not, knitted birds cannot fly, but he did arrive wrapped up in colourful tissue paper tied with ribbon, with a little purple flower for company, along with a lavender scented, pretty cherub card pictured below, which contained silver, sparkly confetti shapes.

Another card I was so very pleased to receive over Easter was the pretty badge card above from Michele at Cowboys and Custard.

I am long overdue in thanking Michele also, for this treasure of a little mermaid mirror she sent me a few months back. It reminds me of the Mabel Lucie Attwell clip I use as my blog profile picture.
A huge thank you to bloggy friends.
Louise x


Twiggy said...

What a cute little bird and you don't even have to feed him!! Love the little mirror, it's so pretty.
Twiggy x

Cowboys and Custard said...

Lovely little bluebird Louise...
Don't let it fly away.
I had forgotten all about that little mirror but I think the character comes from an old Rupert book..it is so much like your Mabel Lucie Atwell picture. I thought of you the other day as there were some beautiful MLA handkerchiefs for sale on a certain auction site..They were v popular..too much so for me alas.
Hope all is well with you.
Michele x

Anonymous said...

well done with your giveaway prize... what a sweet bird.
have a great sunday.

Simone said...

Lovely giveaway prizes again! The little bird looks so tactile and the mirror has a lovely image.x

periwinkle said...

lovely bird and lovely mermaid
lisa x

Christy said...

Your giveaway prize is so cute! You lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww little Birdie looks so happy :o)