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Not only have I been bakin' in the sun today, I've been bakin' cakes too.

Not unusual cakes, just common ones which you can make without a recipe - like this coffee/walnut cake, using equal ingredients for a 7oz sponge.

I also added a good handful of walnuts to the mix - I think the nuts I cracked had been in the bowl since Christmas, but they tasted fine!

I've made these choc/cranberry muffins before - you can knock up the batter in no time, and so healthy too.




Simone said...

I love coffee and walnut cake. I think I might make a carrot cake tomorrow though! x

periwinkle said...

I came to see your post yesterday but it just kept coming up as though there was no post there it was very odd !! We had gorgeous sun the past few days but today it dropped by about 12 degrees and was really overcast and chilly :-(

Catherine said...

Just thought I would say hi:) And also comment that I am always impressed by anyone who can make anything without a recipe!

Wild Rose said...

Those muffins look sooooo good!

Marie x

acornmoon said...

you have such a homely blog!