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motoGP Silverstone 2011 ...

Please humour me everyone, I love motoGP!

Here's some facts from the weekend.

We had three day roving grandstand tickets, and this year we added on an extra day for Day of Champions, a charity event with mega proceeds going to Riders for Health.

Total sum raised through DOC ticket sales and auction was £194,577.00.

We also had tickets for pit and paddock access.

It was really interesting to see inside the riders' garages, although frustrating for me Hayden's mechanics kept the door to his tightly shut.

Alvaro Bautista, Loris Capirossi, Cal Crutchlow, and Hiroshi Aoyama obliged to sign my programme, along with Scott Redding from moto2.

Stoner was outside his motor-home signing autographs, but there being such a stampede, he made a hasty retreat back inside.

We got to meet vintage rider Randy Mamola, who was cruising around the paddock on his bike.

Hey Vee from The Bearister Bookcase, I know you like motoGP too.

Are you looking through my pics!

We watched free practice periods from the New International Pits Straight, sitting opposite the Repsol and Grisini Honda team garages.

I was highly suspicious of J sitting away as far as we could from Hayden's garage?

Little did he know I'd spied a hole through the fence, and could see him through the binoculars!

Lone Brit rookie Cal Crutchlow broke his collarbone in free practice, ending his race weekend.

He thinks he coming back for Assen?

The weather over the first three days stayed mainly dry, but on race-day the heavens opened, and stayed open for the duration!

We had the best vantage point from Becketts on race-day, but were very, very cold and wet.

It was an exciting wet race!

With three riders not finishing (Spies, Lorenzo and Simoncelli) Casey Stoner from factory Repsol Honda finished on top, with Andrea Dovizioso and Colin Edwards second and third respectively.

My man Hayden just missed the podium by coming in fourth.

There was a fence between me and #69 on the only occasion I spotted him in the paddock.

I'm finding this fact a bit hard to swallow!



Simone said...

I know you're passionate about motoGP Louise as I notice you tweeting about it. I have no idea what all those tweets mean though!!! It is all too advanced for me! It is a shame that you got close but not close enough to your hero. I noticed you tried to post a couple of days ago but when I came to check your blog you still had your last post up. It is all very strange. x

Lisa said...

I have to say this is a sport I know absolutely nothing about, but you clearly are an avid fan. It's great you are able to get up close to the people and machines involved and really indulge your passion.
Lisa x

Wild Rose said...

Shame about the rain though from a spectator's point of view, no doubt it made for an interesting race.

Marie x

bellaboo said...

Mr Boo loves Moto GP,and never misses a race! Glad you had a great day. :0)

BumbleVee said...

oh, noes......... so close and yet so far away! Drat!

But, wow.... being able to hang about in the pits is lots of fun. When Greg used to race it was pretty darn exciting to be camping out at the track and being right there in the thick of it all. Not the same calibre as these guys of course....but, still.... all the same kind of fun, grease and gasoline fumes.... Being one of the few women hanging out meant I had to do a bit of first aid.....hand out the Ibuprofen... remind them to drink some water... 'specially on the really hot days.... duct tape their leathers back together after some falls and help get 'em back out on track. I kind of miss that.....

I wish you had managed to get Nicky's autograph.... maybe another day....

Country Style Living said...

Looks and sounds like a great weekend!! We visited for the qualifying on the Sat, but watched the race at home on the TV, looked very wet! We have done DOC (Donington) in the past, which was brill, although the format has changed since then......Poor Rossi had a stinker, didn't he! Bring on Assen....

Anonymous said...

Didn't know you were a fan, but your excitement shows! The photos are fantastic, Louise. Love esp that orange against blue.

To answer your question, the grasshopper was exhausted - but not eaten ;-) My cats tend not to eat the spiders, crickets, and grasshoppers that they play with.

Me said...

Ooh, I like a bit of bike racing too! I can only imagine how excited you were! A couple of near misses there, but it looks like a fab day all in all. Thanks for the pictures! xxx

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Just popped by to say thank you for the lovely comments on my blog. Can't comment too much on this post, but showing my age by saying I do remember Randy Mamola! Glad you had a great time even if you didn't see too much of 'your man'
Jenny x

lifeinredshoes said...

Oh my goodness Louise, you really do love this stuff!

Ally Johnston said...

Consider yourself humoured.