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flowers for Mum ...

We took flowers for Mum up to the crematorium yesterday - a lovely small Spring bouquet with narcissi, tulips, iris and gerbera.

I usually like to take a pot of bulbs as they last longer, but nothing suitable to pick up Saturday after work.

As we were walking up the hill to her plot, we expected this pheasant to fly away.

But instead it started to walk towards us, and started pecking around right in front of our feet!

It was so funny to watch, and so tame?

Maybe someone is feeding him up for Christmas!

Then thinking I wonder if the resident cat's around, looking to my left there it is walking over towards us.

It's a lovely black 'n white cat, who I get to see on most visits.

I know he's being (well) fed, as I've seen a cat loving couple giving him cat crunchies!

We always come up early, to take photos and have a little look around.

At this time of year there are thousands of daffodils in bloom, and many trees in blossom.

The weather was misty first thing with sunshine eventually breaking through.

The cat was liking the sunshine too, and lots of attention!



Poppy said...

Those flowers sound just perfect to me Louise!

Lou xxx

periwinkle said...

I'm sure she loved them ... I always think male pheasants are very handsome birds don't you.

PinkCatJo said...

It looks a very peaceful and relaxing place. x

carol at home said...

He does look like a well looked after cat as indeed does the pheasant, look well looked after that is, not like a cat, if you know what i mean.

flightplot said...

I like the photos, especially the last one! Flighty xx

Glo said...

Your bouquet of flowers commemorating Mother's Day sounds just beautiful. I bet they had a lovely fragrance. How uplifting that it was a sunny, and how nice to come across the pheasant and cat :)

Jane said...

The Pheasant is a beautiful bird and your spring bouquet sounds just perfect for your mum. Thank you for your get well wishes, we are slowly mending. Jane x

Lisa said...

A spring posy, chosen with love, perfect.
Lisa x

harmony and rosie said...

The flowers sound lovely, they sound just like the bouquet I had sent to Mum on Sunday too. Love that b&w cat, just like one of ours!


lifeinredshoes said...

The last time I went to the cemetary I spied a red fox! You bonused, blooms and wildlife:)

P.S. Hope you got my email?

acornmoon said...

Pheasants are such beautiful birds aren't they? We almost hit one with our car the other day, it flew staright at our car.

Mother's day is difficult for so many people especially of you have lost a much loved parent. Thinking of you.

Cowboys and Custard said...

I did think of you on this day.. as I do of all friends who have lost their Mums. We did much the same thing by visiting my mum's tree.. a lovely old cherry tree that was just about to burst into blossom. No pussy cat to greet us though!

Michele xx