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lamb chops 'n mint sauce ...

Amazing weather again, and it's still only April?

It's been a a productive day mostly spent outside, interuppted midday by an impromptu trip into Shoreham-by-Sea for fish 'n chips.

Late afternoon I picked the first rhubarb from the garden, and mixed with strawberries from Morrisons, made a crumble.

Before supper, early evening we go visit lambs, for the third time this year!

These three little 'uns were having fun, hop, skipping and a jumping in their very own lamb gang!

See how cute they look in detail by clicking on the photos to enlarge.

Lambs at Play by Christina Rossetti

On the grassy banks, lambkins at their pranks;
Woolly sisters, woolly brothers, jumping off their feet;
While their woolly mothers, watch by them and bleat.

These size small woolly jumpers are on fields at Botolphs, east of the River Adur.

The nearby farm at Coombes is open to the public for a month or so every year for lambing time.

There's only a week to go!

Hundreds of teasels line the pathway.

The area looking especially beautiful as the light fades.

Aah look at the sweet chops, and sticky-out ears on that little lamb below!

It looks lost, but will soon be back with mum as it's getting late.

As for lamb chops 'n mint sauce - they're definitely off the menu for the time being, if not for good?



periwinkle said...

As cute as they are I have to admit lamb is mty favourite meat for Sunday lunch - sorry x

Diane said...

What a cutie. They look so gorgeous don't they. x

Rosie said...

I love to see the lambs skipping and jumping and try not to think where their destiny lies! How wonderful to be able to pop to the seaside for fish and chips:)

Simone said...

I would rather eat fish and chips than lamb any day! x

Anonymous said...

What a lovely way to spend the day! Flighty xx

OhSoVintage said...

That last lamb is a real cutie!

Pomona said...

I am a vegetarian, but my husband and son are very keen to keep sheep for all the wrong reasons!

Pomona x

Glo said...

Such sweet photos of the lambkins! The lush green grass and the lighting adds to the special springtime joy!

Wild Rose said...

I'd love some decent fish and chips. Since our move in December, we haven't been able to find a good fish and chip shop...cute lamb pictures Louise. I especially like the last one. It's still so cold here that there's not much sign of spring...snow again twice this week already!

Marie x

BumbleVee said...

oh, cheeky you Louise.... lambies and chops in the same breath.

I love the little guy in the last one ...sticky out ears and all.... maybe it's just a different breed? ....

BumbleVee said...

maybe he'll grow into them.....

hey...my word verification word is Apirl.... close enough!

sweetmyrtle said...

very sweet lambs and yes, off the menu! hope you are well and enjoying this glorious sunshine.
Happy Easter to you,
warmest wishes
Ginny x

PinkCatJo said...

Aw - absolute sweetness!

Have a very happy Easter weekend! x

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

We are having lamb for Easter but now I feel a little sad. These lambs are just the sweetest little things. The last photo is my favorite. Love it!

acornmoon said...

Happy Easter to you Louise, enjoy your baking. I do love Mary Berry.

Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely... thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos! I'm not supposed to go near lambs this year, which means I am missing seeing them frolicking around :( so your post was extra lovely!!

Kris said...

Lovely photos Louise! I especially liked the teasels. Oh so very Peter Rabbit and Brambly Hedge. (The teasels) So whilst I don't think I've ever seen them in real life they remind me of when I was young!