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he's the one ...

I went to see Robbie Williams, er Lee Pashley last night!

Sssh ... so he's not the real one, but for £15 he's great value.

Robbie Williams, the sort of lad you could take home to meet your mum?

image by Mario Testino at the National Portrait Gallery

Er, perhaps not!



Amanda said...

HAHA... my mum loves Robbie Williams (well his music anyway) so she *may* be known to forgive that last photo ;)

OhSoVintage said...

I'ver never heard of him. Great photos of Robbie.

Ally Johnston said...

I guess it depends on your mum!!

HoldMyHand said...

Hi Louise, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I just loved reading about your past trip to Witney as that is where I'm from! Glad you enjoyed it & Lechlade is so quaint isn't it!

Cowboys and Custard said...

I bet it was a great evening's entertainment.
I used to get intensely irritated by Robbie when he was in Take That first time round. I have grown to admire and grow fond of his cheeky chappy character.. and of course his music.
Would love to see the rendezvous gig when they perform.

Michele xx

sunshine said...

I love him too! He is SO cute! :)

Just popped in from "Charli & Me". Love your blog. Your photos are great!