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little penguins ...

Have you been watching Penguin Island, a series on BBC One following a breeding pair of little (fairy) penguins Bluey and Sheila, and their two offspring?

They all live on Phillip Island, off the south coast of Australia.

I have been sat glued watching, 'cos at the beginning of this year, on our road trip between Sydney and Adelaide, we had the once in a lifetime opportunity to see these little penguins for real, staying within walking distance of their colony.

At the time, really not wanting to leave them behind, it is so lovely to see them again.

These little darlings, you can't help but love em!

There really is something about this little bird's character that makes me grin from ear to ear, every time I see one.

Well that's another one ticked off those 1001 things I must do before I die!



OhSoVintage said...

I haven't seen this programme but do love penguins, they always seem to me to be sharing a secret joke!

marimekko pillows said...

Wow. Those are very cute penguins. It sad to say they're close to extinction. Sigh. I hope this would be taken action by world forces like Interpol or PETA.

acornmoon said...

Lucky you, I love penguins too. I remember when our boys were little watching penguins in a huge glass water tank, The effect was like being under water with them. They are so graceful underwater and they look like they fly rather than swim. This is when I made the quote which has stayed with me to my embarrassment, "They look just like birds ! "

periwinkle said...

I haven't seen the programme but those penguins sure are cute

Simone said...

They are comical looking little creatures aren't they?!!! x