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a walk down to Amberley Wildbrooks ...

A lovely way to spend time on a Bank Holiday.

Early morning, we start off at Greatham Bridge, and from the car park walk across to the other side of the river to take the Wey South path, which runs through the middle of the brooks.

At this time of year, and at this hour of the day, walking through the long undergrowth means wet walking shoes and soggy trouser bottoms! Thankfully soon drying out once the sun came up.
Greatham Bridge was built by Sir Henry Tregoz in the early 14th century, of where a skirmish took place during the English Civil War.

Stepping over a two-step stile, of which there are quite a few to negotiate along the way.

How about this for a romantic snippet taken from an old countryside book, which I picked up from a boot sale recently - upon the steps of these stiles, country folk meet to take their lovers' vows at ease and to do their courting.

Walking briskly past a crop of ripening maize.

A field of screams! These fields always remind me of scary movies.

Screaching to a standstill, hanging over the fence, to say hello to these two beautiful horses. The lovely white one set me off humming out loud! Remember this?

At this point rather fancying a sit down. A beautifully crafted seat on an implement from farming days gone by. I'd imagine it's seen a few numb bums in its time!

Standing here we question why we travel for miles, when we have beautiful countryside like this on our doorstep?

Walking on, whoops! Taking great care with every forward step!

We come across this lovely old tree stump and encounter lots of wildlife along the way.

In the air, three kestrels being lifted on the wind, and a flight of swallows. On the ground, grasshoppers, pheasants and three galloping deer. In between, whitethroats in a tree, red admiral and small white butterflies on a buddleia bush, dragonflies, blue damselflies, and a huge hornet!

Beware, the ground in places is very boggy and slippery underfoot.

These brooks remind me of days growing up on a farm. Disappearing for hours, on a summers day, with brother and mates, quite happy to make our own amusement, no doubt causing Mum much angst, wondering where on earth we were, and what we were getting up to!

There being a slight breeze it was difficult to get a photo of the lovely wildflowers amidst the grasses. I managed this one.

Out of shot, three white swans are busy preening alongside the grassy banks of the River Arun, which flows into the English Channel at Littlehampton.

As we return to the car, a beautiful black swan cruises gracefully through the water close to the bridge.


Simone said...

Wonderful post Louise! I wish I had been brought up on a farm instead of a terraced house in inner London! Thank you for the 'White Horses' memories it took me right back to my childhood again. The walk looks idyllic. I love to surround myself with nature and am sure I would have enjoyed the walk too. x

pebbledash said...

Beautiful walk and evocative images. I LOVE being reminded of the white horses theme, just like Simone. We must be ladies of a certain age!

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully gorgeous views, Louise, and a fair warning to look to the ground as well! I love that shot with the fluffy clouds in the distance. So very picturesque!

Jane said...

Yes Sussex is a lovely place to live. Jane x

Cowboys and Custard said...

How beautiful Louise.. there is nothing to compare with the great British countryside in all of it's guises..
I certainly do remember that theme tune and often sing it on car journeys when we play a game of trying to remember theme tunes from our childhood favourite tv progs..
Do you remember Robinson Crusoe theme tune.. I love that music?
Michele xx

Karens Hopes said...

Its always lolvey to look at your photographs, keep up the good work.

LissyLou said...

I thoroughly enjoyed taking a walk with you :)

Gina said...

Lovely post..and gorgeous photos too...esp love the seat and tree stump :)

Flighty said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful day out like this, and I love the photos! xx

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your walk whilst I was having a coffee break.

Thank you!

OhSoVintage said...

Yes, Louise, we did have to queue in the field beforehand at Goodwood. We only joined the National Trust this year so I'm making sure we visit as many properties as we can, though there aren't that many in this area. Winchester is well worth a visit, it's a lovely city and, of course, there is the cathedral.
Ruth xx