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the birthplace of Thomas Hardy ...

Thomas Hardy was born in this cottage at Higher Bockhampton in Dorset on 2nd June 1840, and lived here until the age of 34.

It faces West, and round the back and sides
High beeches bending, hang a veil of boughs

On the day we were passing the cottage was closed, but fortunately for us you can see much of the exterior and gardens from the track, so at least we were able to have a nose over the wall!

The cottage is the fictional Tranter Dewy's House in the novel 'Under The Greenwood Tree', written at the window seat of Hardy's bedroom.

Remember the 1978 dramatisation of The Mayor of Casterbridge. Alan Bates plays Michael Henchard, a man who under the influence of rum-laced furmity, sells his wife and baby for five guineas.

I'd watch it religiously with my Mum, and after we'd utter, many thankies, in the fictional county of Wessex dialect!



Susie's country cottage said...

What a beautiful cottage and surroundings. It must be so much easier to find the inspiration to write when you live in a place like that.

Magic Cochin said...

Alan Bates as Gabriel Oak in Far From the Madding Crowd - now that's my all time favourite 'snuggle down on the sofa with the cats and a cup of tea and a biscuit' film :-)


Sal said...

It's beautiful. I love Dorset and am always happy to cross the county border to explore such a lovely county ;-)

Karens Hopes said...

You do take some lovely photographs.

twiggypeasticks said...

What a beautiful place, thanks for sharing Louise. Your blog is so pre.
twiggy x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Such a beautiful cottage.

OhSoVintage said...

Hardy is, and always has been, my favourite author. I liked Terence Stamp better - what a long time ago that film was.

Diane said...

We stayed at the holiday cottage next door to this when the kids were very young and i felt that Thomas Hardy was my neighbour for a while!! Its a lovely place. xxx

Ragged Roses said...

This cottage has been on my "to visit" list for so many years now. thanks for sharing the photos. Looks lovely. I remember studying Mayor of Casterbridge at school, I think our English teacher got fed up with all our dodgy accents!!!

Wild Rose said...

This is a beautiful place ~ is it a National Trust property?

Marie x

acornmoon said...

Many thankies for this post. I love that house and Thomas Hardy's work. I think he paints the most beautiful pictures with his words.

Gina said...

such a beautiful and peaceful looking place Louise! Looks like you had a gorgeous sunny day there :)

Cowboys and Custard said...

One of my favourite authors. Far from the Madding Crowd is my all time fave!.

Hope all is fine and dandy with you?
I will catch up one of these days.

Michele x