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pot mums, polka dots and rotting fish ...

Promise me, they really do have something in common!

I don't particularly like shopping in Tesco, but this morning after a trip to the dentist, and in need of lamb chops for him indoors' tea, I pop into my local store at The Holmbush. Whilst sidetracked amongst the greetings cards, I am witness to a to-do, no not a disgruntled customer to-do, or a screaming child to-do, but an amongst the staff to-do. It turns out they are trying to pinpoint a smell, a horrible smell. It doesn't take long for one of them to discover a customer has, so kindly, stuck a bag of what was fresh fish, and now rotting fish, amongst a chocolate display!

Quickly plonking wrapping and tissue paper in the trolley, I swiftly vacate the area to continue on my way to the meat counter where I very conveniently pass the flower section, and there I spot the beautiful custard yellow 'pot mum' above, and at the bargain' price of £2.50. I just cannot say no!

Whilst on the subject of greetings cards and custard, on the doormat this morning was the beautiful badge card I purchased from Michele at Cowboys and Custard, for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day, which this year is on the 22nd March. Doesn't it look nice alongside the pack of blue polka dot pencils, another impulse buy from Tesco, a bargain at 75p, and ...

talking of chrysanthemums, not wanting to forget my mum on Mother's Day, I shall be placing flowers on her plot. Don't worry mum, it won't be chrysanthemums, I know you hated them, along with pompom dahlias!


Simone said...

Oh I do like a pompom dahlia!

Unknown said...

What a lovely photo! And the pencils make me want to head off for Tesco right now!Might take a trip to Cowboys and Custard for the badge card - its cool.S

Twiggy said...

Ewwww stinky fish. Love the card and the jolly pencils, my Dad hated `mums' too, I went to the crematorium this week with a bunch of bright and breezy daffys for him.
Twiggy x

sheila said...

I find myself buying plants BECAUSE of their names half the time. Like that mum - I would have bought it if it had been named Custard Yellow. I bought a rose the other day because it was called Tahitian Sunset. It CALLED to me!

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

I didn't realize your mother's day is so much earlier than ours. Ours isn't until the middle of May. I am so behind this year, somehow let my mom's b'day slip past me, major OOPS! But I'm ready for my niece's a month in advance.

Anonymous said...

Love the card and blue spotty pencils - what a bargain!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Those flowers are beautiful! I do like the much maligned "pot mum" and such like. They're just so jolly!

LizzieJane said...

What a wonderful card and I love the dotty pencils. How horrible the fish must have been, poor you.

Glo said...

I think your polka dot pencils and your blue and white polka dot cups and saucers tell a lot about your favorite colour combination :) I like it, too!

Anonymous said...

Now I'll be looking for polka dot pencils in the supermarket!

Anonymous said...

I have just stumbled across your Beautiful blog. It's way past my bedtime so have only had a little looksy. A little looksy is not enough on this blog, I will definitly be back.
Hope you have a lovely weekend x

Gina said...

Uhhhh to the rotting fish..what a waste of chocolate!! Lovely card and brooch and the mum's are gorgeous! :D

Carol said...

Hi Louise, the card does go so well with the pencils.
Why do people do that, stick things that they suddenly decide they do not want on any old shelf, I am sure it is deliberate sometimes. I could never leave 'Fresh' produce on a shelf like that.
Very bad person whoever that was!
Love the yellow flowers of Spring.
Carol xxx

Ragged Roses said...

I haven't been to the Holmbush centre for a while now, perhaps I should wait until the smell has gone!!! Love Michele's card and those polka dot pencils are lovely too.
Those flowers are a great colour, hope they smell sweet!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card. The flowers are lovely too. What a shame someone would try to ruin chocolate with smelly old fish. I hope you are having a great day :>)

Cathy said...

Hello Louise
Just popped over this side for a look see at your 'other' blog. Thanks for dropping in recently and your lovley comments.
Anyway its been many years since I lived in England so maybe you could answer this question for me and my sisters have never spoken about this - I see you mentioned Mother's Day, when did the name change from Mothering Sunday happen?
Will be back for a longer visit some time
Take care

Acornmoon said...

Hi Louise,

Hope you had a good Saint Patrick's day and that your lucky four leaf clover is still in good working order!

I wonder if anyone does like pom pom dahlias?

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know
I'm having a very special week over at skipping in the meadow with an Eastery tutorial and a 'giveaway'. would love you to come and join in the fun
Sumea x

Kris said...

Sounds like an interesting shopping trip! Love all your photos. Gorgeous visuals!

Christy said...

I love love polka dots! (Isn't it obvious ;) )

That's a lovely card with a cute pin! Totally a great find!

Sal said...

Things at Tesco are looking up then? Polka dot pencils..what next?!

Like your mum, I'm not a lover of those particular flowers .

Michele makes the nicest things!

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise, I must admit I feel the same as your mum about pot chrysanthemums but I do quite like dahlias. To my mind it's difficult to beat simple spring flowers like daffodils or tulips.
Margaret and Noreen

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Louise... I am always late to arrive these days!
It seems we share a love of polka dots.. those pencils would match my blue and white polka dot coat perfectly!

Now where did you say you got that card?

Love to you
Michele xx