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Over the past couple of months on a Sunday, we have been out and about on our bikes. We have been cycling the different stages of the Downs Link which starts at the Coastal Link at Shoreham in West Sussex and finishes at St Martha's Hill, near Guildford in Surrey.

The old toll bridge which crosses across the River Adur at Shoreham has recently undergone a major refurbishment, after the ravegings of time and the weather, have finally over the years taken their toll. Built in 1781 to replace the ferry, this last remaining example of this type of bridge has thankfully been given a new lease of life, due to lots of hard work and fundraising by local people.

A very handsome heron, with rather a proud look on his face, guards the Coastal Link path.

To Upper Beeding, engraved on an old wood stump. Handy directions for the cyclist and any insect passing by!

Arriving in Bramber, a pretty village which often wins the accolade of best kept village in the South East.

The remains of Bramber Castle, which is now owned and managed by The National Trust.

Another scene from the village of Bramber, showing the Castle Inn Hotel and a very pretty flint front building, both adorned with very pretty hanging baskets.


méri said...

It looks like a pleasant trip.
Bramber seems to be a quiet, nice and pretty village.

Sal said...

I love those village signs!
I used to see lots of that type in Norfolk too.
Bramber looks a really quaint place.

Kris said...

So, so pretty. So very English, which would fit, since it is England! I loved the carved sign.

lou said...

Another place to add to my list, of must visit. Very pretty! Lou x

Adrienne said...

Such a beautiful place!

funkymonkey said...

Oh, such a pretty village.

Simone said...

I like the Heron sculpture and the carving on ther tree trunk. You go on some very interesting bike rides Louise.

nikkipolani said...

Oh! Looks like such a lovely place to explore!

LizzieJane said...

What a wonderful trip, I envy you, I miss little English country villages so very much, thank you for taking me along.

Rosezilla said...

Ooh, what a fascinating way to keep in shape! Hubby and I used to ride all over town, but haven't in years. What a beautiful trip you had!

Nicola said...

Hi Louise
We have so many walnuts falling off our trees that we are grumbling about picking them up. A friend of my husband's in Jersey, over in your neck in the woods, says they are selling for four pounds 80 pence a pound, so he's jealous!!!

periwinkle said...

looks like a gorgeous place
lisa x

Carol said...

Well even though I got by broken leg while out on my bike! I cannot wait to get back on....what a lovely ride this one looks.

Pat said...

I missed thsi Louise --I love when you take us allong on a bike ride --they are always so scenic.

Is escarole a vegetable called something else in GB? Maybe chicory? It's a popular grren here especially with people of Italian ancestry. It wilts down when cooked, and tates like a mild spinach. It is good in soups!

Rhondi said...

Hi Louise
Sorry I haven't stopped by in awhile. I always enjoy it when you take us along with you to see the sights. I'd like to stop at that little Inn and see the inside too.
I'm sitting here with a cup of tea and dreaming of visiting England once again.
Hugs, Rhondi

Chelle said...

I don't know how it is that it has been so long since I've visited your blog, but it is so refreshing to check in and see all of your lovely pictures again. I especially love the "bit of castle."

I hope you are doing well and have been since I last checked in.

Much belated love!