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When the weather is like it is today with blue sky, little fluffy clouds and a gentle breeze, then the only place I want to be is the garden. I once had no garden, now I have a large garden, I could now never ever be without a garden.

I have always loved the outdoors, this most probably being inherited from my Dad, who after leaving school studied animal husbandry, first working with cattle and then spending most of his farming life working with pigs, and of course spent many hours outside, more hours than he spent in! Along with my brother, and best friend Steph, I would spend many of my hours exploring the countryside and what lived in it. I remember catching grasshoppers in the field, walking down to the brook where bulrushes grew, picking blackberries along the way and scooping mosquito larva with a small net from the water troughs to give the fish in the pond a treat.

I love nature and luckily inherited a garden from someone who equally did, who developed the bones of our garden, and who introduced many wildlife friendly plants and flowers. Like farming is a full-time job, my garden is a full-time hobby, and many hours are spent in it. My garden is a gardener's garden and is evolving all the time, one I don't see ever being finished, would I want it to be?

Now I have the blogs, I have become much more interested in photography and to be quite honest these days spend rather too much time snapping, instead of what I really should be doing, gardening. This cheeky bee literally flew in just as I was taking a photo of this dahlia, nothing was going to stop him getting his top of the morning dose of nectar! Maybe this is where the phrase 'buzz off' originates from?

Whilst travelling around the blogs I have discovered many artists, whose illustrations and paintings are just incredible. I have not inherited or learnt this skill, but I can see my garden as an artist's pallette and I can use the plants and flowers as my colours. I think this orange and lemon nasturtium go together so well.

Not forgetting all you talented 'needle' women out there, who make the most lovely things, out of all sorts of materials. The photo above is for you, a scabious, otherwise known as a pincushion flower!

In my garden I have sunny spots, shady spots, spots I like and spots I don't like quite so much. If you don't find me on my home blog, this is a spot where you may find me, with a nice cup of tea, relaxing amongst the greenery listening to and observing the wildlife. A garden is also for relaxing in, and shouldn't just be all hard graft, but it invariable is!

If you love gardening, or even just like it, come over and visit me in This Is My Patch.


Lesley said...

Your photos are beautiful Louise and I love that heart!!

I too feel really lucky to have a garden I love. Mine could do with a bit more TLC but it still manages to look lovely despite the neglect!


Flighty said...

Reading this lovely entry I do so wish that I had a garden!
Thankfully having the plot helps but all the same... xx

Cowboys & Custard said...

Well I think you know by now Louise that I share your passion for gardening and flora and fauna generally being the owner of a rather capricious tabby cat!
Now how did you persuade that bee to do that.. I have waited for ages in my garden to try and snap a shot of a willing bee..
Lovely photos and good to see you enjoying your plot.. it is beautiful!


twiggypeasticks said...

Great photos Louise, I love gardening too, in fact I love it more than crafting - shock horror! My Grandad was a gardener by profession so I started pretty young, watching him growing flowers and digging his veggie patch and my mum and sisters seem to have inherited his green fingers too. Like you I once had no garden and now have one which I love, mine isn't very big, but I love walking around it and seeing what's changed and enjoying the bird song. Righto, I'm coming over to your gardening blog, be warned.
Twiggy x
PS My blog name is inspired by the lovely Mr Titchmarsh!

Sal said...

Lovely, Louise!
I too share your passion for gardening.
Today is,at last,a beautiful day weather wise. I've had a good wander around my plot and have picked two lovely country bunches to put in my little 'for sale' pot, outside.
I hope this fine weather continues!

Rosezilla said...

I enjoyed this post about your lovely garden, and what an obliging little bee to pose for you! Great shot. I love growing my little garden and adding to it. This is the wrong time of year here, tho, too hot to do much, but late fall through late spring is perfect!

M.Kate said...

Fantastic flowers ;D i'd love to visit and have a cup of tea on that chair too. Looks real cosy to me :)

The Dutchess said...

And you are an artist indeed....

Pat said...

Hi Louise!

Your garden is so lovely! I wish I ahd a large garden ...it would be bliss for me too!

I have an AWARD and a TAG on my blog for you today! Please drop by when you can and pick them up.

Hugs, Pat

Gina said...

A beautiful post Louise.. your garden is so inviting :)
I couldn't get over the heart mobile though.. Jem has the exact one hanging in her bedroom.. think I found it on eBay.. is so eye-catching!
have a wonderful week Gx

Anonymous said...

I have always told friends that I think I am a frustrated artist because I too love "creating" my garden. I have always considered gardening akin to painting. Thank you for the sweet comment you left me, it was so thoughtful. Keep up the good work photographing your garden, the pics are really special.

Anonymous said...

Louise I feel exactly like you do about my garden. Your garden flowers are so beautiful. I can see why you want to sit out there. Your little garden bench looks so inviting. I think a garden brings us just a little closer to heaven.

méri said...

Lovely garden, and your photos are very very good, Louise!
i came to see shop news and sign the register :)

Vintage to Victorian said...

Love your garden photos, Louise, and your blogs. Will read them properly when I have some spare minutes!

Snap re the typesetting by the way. I worked from home for 16 years before getting involved in the antiques trade. I know which one I prefer!! But equally, I know which one paid me an income!!

Thanks for your comments!

Sue x

Josie said...

your garden looks lovely, great photo's, I could just sit in the garden seat

(note to self: take some photo's of garden)
Josie x

Alison Boon said...

The garden looks lovely and I don't blame you for not wanting to be anywhere else. Great photos.

Rhondi said...

Hi Louise
That is a beautiful spot for relaxing in your garden and the photos are beautiful. Gardening is such a wonderfully relaxing hobby even when it's hard work! I am so glad youget such enjoyment form it!
Hugs, Rhondi

Ragged Roses said...

What a beautiful garden Louise, it reflects your love for it. Hope you have a summer full of happy days in your garden

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise, I have something for you over at my place. Please stop by.

Simone said...

Your photos are stunning louise. I especially like the one with the bee. I really must get myself some pincushion flowers too!

Chelle said...

I am ready to offer you flight fare to come over and do your magic on my blank slate of a back yard after looking at all of your pictures. Your garden looks amazing, and you can see the care you put into keeping it. I suppose you have found something to fill your time since leaving your job? ;)

BEAUTIFUL garden. I am litteraly pea green with envy. *sigh*

Kris said...

There's nothing like a garden. Both my father and grandfather had vegetable gardens and spent much time in them. I love gardening too, but mine has gone to rack and ruin because we can't water our gardens any more. (You try surviving a week of 40 degree celcius days without a drink!)