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six unimportant things about me ...

Gina from Gingerbread and Christy from Sweet Tidings have tagged me with this one.

Thing no 1.
I can't wear earrings, any metal earrings. My ears are completely allergic to them!

Thing no 2.
I only really like eating cheese if it is grated or melted or if it is cubed with a piece of pineapple on a stick!

Thing no 3.
I paint my toenails, but not my fingernails!

Thing no 4.
I don't like Monkey Puzzle Trees. Apologies now if you have one!

Thing no 5.
I love all lemon products and will choose them over anything else. A real treat for me is Bronnley Lemon Soap and L'Occitaine Lemon Verbena handcream. I just can't get enough of the smell!

Thing no 6.
I always carry smelling salts with me in my bag. I take a whiff if I come over a bit dizzy. I learned this clever trick from my Mum!

For those who haven't yet done this tag, you know who you are? Go on have a go!


Christy said...

Hi Louise,

Thanks for joining the tag!

It seems we have a lot in common! I'm allergic to metal earrings too but I can wear gold earrings with no allergic reactions! I think its alloyed metals that cause reactions.

I always bring with me medicated chinese balm (tiger balm) for dizziness. I never leave home without it.It's like my security blanket hehehe.

Simone said...

I love lemon products too! Why do you dislike monkey puzzle trees? I remember as a child we were told never to speak as we walked past a monkey puzzle tree as it was bad luck!

Rosezilla said...

Cool factoids! I never even heard of a Monkey Puzzle Tree until now, but I might like it just on the strength of the name! Are they messy or something? I had to have smelling salts applied once, after marching in a parade on a very hot night in a wool uniform...Anyhow, I'll play if you like! I've put up 6 unimportant things about me at my blog, if you'd like to come over.

Ragged Roses said...

Snap about the toenails and earrrings and I love the smell of lemons!

periwinkle said...

love cheese and pineapple on sticks - poor monkey trees. We had 2 in the park which are 100 years old but last bonfire night some idiots set one afire and it had to be chopped down :-(
lisa x

Indigo Blue said...

Off to give it a whirl. Thought of a few already.

Gina said...

Thanks for playing Louise..lots of fun..I also love lemon, but lime is my favourite.. especially in soaps and handcream.. I haven't come across the monkey puzzle tree before but it's name is intriguing!
When I was 13 and playing in a tree stump I tripped and a large stake was imbedded in my shin! Had a 40 min drive for help and can remember having smelling salts shoved up my nose to stop me passing out!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Spooky Louise... more proof of our twinning..
I can't wear earrings..make me itch..
I wear nail varnish on toes not fingers..
I hate monkey puzzle trees... always have..fnd them ugly and menacing..
I love Bronnley lemon soaps and my beloved bought me a box of them when we visited Wisley..
Smelling salts.. mmm.... no not for me but I do carry lavender oil for sniffing and my nerves!


sheila said...

Hey, we have some things in common: I too paint only my toenails (I favour green polish with sparkles over top) AND I am not partial to the Monkey Puzzle. The fact that I have two in my yard at the moment is something we won't discuss (treesitting for friends).

Anonymous said...

My son and I want more than anythin gin the world to have a monkey puzzle tree in our garden!
Toes always look pretty with varnish on them... those tows there look very pretty and relaxed. :o)

prettyshabby said...

oh me too! well the earring thing,my ears swell up and throb..and the toenail thing..has to be red or coral and the monkey puzzle tree..they fascinate me but I find them really rather ugly! I
didnt realise you could even buy smelling salts..I thought they just existed in Carry On films! ooooh matron.

M.Kate said...

Wonderful TAG! Lemon's my fav too, part of so called weight loss programme, which is unsuccessful most of the time hahahaha

happy weekend :)

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Louise, great tag, funny about the monkey tree, I've never really thought about whether I like them. I might not have any more piano stools but there are plenty more makeovers waiting in the wings!
Have a lovely weekend,
Lucy x

Deb said...

Fun tag Louise. I love the scent of Lemon too. Hope you are having a good Sunday.

Suzie Sews said...

great tag...love the smae lemon products...Hey your a winner on my giveaway...

Chelle said...

I only paint my toe nails too. I can't stand having color on my finger nails, and I hate how it chips within a day. That's funny about the lemon smelling items and smelling salts. I don't think I have ever seen smelling salts.

Pat said...

Fun facts about you,Louise! I too would like to know why the monkey puzzle tree is not liked by you? I never even heard of it before!

Lemon is a fabulous scent -- I love lavender too.

Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Smelling salts - really? As for grated, melted, or cubed cheese - I like them that way, too :-) Cute post, Louise.

Kris said...

Spooky how we are all so alike, huh? I can't do earrings either. Not even gold ones. I also can't do necklaces or rings. Lemon is my favourite too!

Jennie said...

aww I love Monkey Puzzle trees!
Love your tag!!

Thanks so much for the comments you put on my blog! *hugs*