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discovering Studland Beach and Nature Reserve in Dorset ...

Four glorious miles .. not to be missed!

Sea, sunshine and shadows .. sky-blue, sailboats and sand!

What more can you ask for, and in March!

Just us on this part of the beach .. oh how that will change come the school holidays!

A great area for wildlife, with sand-dunes, heath, and cliff-top walks to explore!

Studland played a vital role in the lead-up to D-Day, and the legacy of WW2 is still here today - NT.

What a view across the bay from Fort Henry, a concrete observation bunker.

Owned by the National Trust, there's a shop and places to eat at Knoll Beach .. and don't forget to display your car sticker in all car-parks for free parking!

Can't wait to go back!



Simone said...

It looks wonderful Louise. Dorset is on my places to go list. x

Glo said...

What a lovely welcome break in such a great spot! Looks like a very relaxing time and just the ticket, I'm sure at this time of the year! I enjoyed looking at your picturesque photos and reading about the area.

bellaboo said...

We love Studland bay too! How great you had it all to yourselves.It was a bank holiday when we were last there and the beach was heaving!
Have a lovely week. :0)

BumbleVee said...

Going any interesting or touristy places before the crush of the regular season is perfect! We did that again in Portugal...had every place to ourselves ... love it.... oh, well...with the exception of the Algarve area of course, ...which is always busy from the sounds of it. We only stayed a day and then headed back up to the mid to northern regions... much better. But, we did have to see it as everybody says to go there....

Lisa said...

All to yourselvees, how lucky you were. The weather has been perfect for enjoying such beautiful places out and about.
Lisa x

Rosie said...

How lucky to have all that beauty to yourselves and in such lovely weather too. I've really enjoyed looking at your photos:)

nikkipolani said...

I can almost feel that delicate early spring sunshine in your photos. So many pretty areas to explore, I'm sure you'll be back!