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A squally weather front has been moving east.

On Sunday we took a walk along the promenade in Worthing.

Where the promenade comes to an end on the western side of the pier, is an eco-garden set up to encourage the conservation of water.

An area on shingle beach, with wooden sculptures and seashore plants. Plants which thrive on water from rainfall alone.

A waxy coating to the leaves of plants will help to reduce water loss.

The sculptures would look really good in our garden, in any garden.

Like me, you may have an area in your garden which in summer turns to desert. It makes ecological sense to enhance the naturally dry, sun-baked conditions instead of constantly trying to alter it.

There is still colour to be seen amongst the pebbles, even in November.
Many plants in a seashore garden will naturally self-seed which adds to an uncontrived effect.
A useful idea or two can be taken away of how to create a water-saving garden of your own.


Carol said...

Louise your pictures are breathtaking. I love all the colours, the quietness, but errie atmosphere they evoke. They would make wonderful cards!
there is something about our coast and the way it changes with the seasons I love. I never tire of looking at it.
Your are so right some of those sculptures would look good in your garden...best not take them though! I always feel a little guilty when I take a pebble or piece of driftwood, although i never mind hunting out the Sea Glass to take home, I see that as just clearing up the beach!
Carol x

Twiggy said...

I agree Louise your photos are stunning and would make great cards. We have windy and wet weather up here in Yorkshire. I live in a village that is very high up, so my greenhouse popped a few panels in the wind last night.
Twiggy x

Simone said...

The eco garden looks really interesting. A lot of my garden is an 'eco garden'. I don't even know where a lot of my plants have come from but expect they are from wind-blown seeds. The photos are striking and atmospheric Louise. x

Pomona said...

That is the most amazing garden - and you have taken some very evocative pictures.

Pomona x

Candytuft Corner said...

Hi Louise,

Great photos ~ I dream of living by the sea and your post inspires me to hang on to that dream.

We had a holiday in Worthing years ago ~ I have happy memories of my visit, apart from the sunburn! In those days, no-one thought to use sunscreen.

Marie x

Rosie said...

What wonderful photos - so atmospheric - the Eco garden looks so inspirational:)

daffy said...

I felt as though I took the walk with you. The photographs are wonderful Louise and you have certainly captured our weather of late!