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the pearl of dorset ...

Lyme Regis, fit for a king, and Jane Austin! She spent a considerable time in Lyme Regis in the first years of the 19th century, and a plaque marks her residence.

A view of the famous stone Cobb, an ancient harbour wall which has sheltered seafarers for centuries and has long inspired artists, and writers like Jane Austen. Scenes from Persuasion and Northanger Abbey are set in the area, and the opening scene from the film The French Lieutenant's Woman, based on the novel by John Fowles, was shot here too.

Overlooking Lyme Bay, from beautiful public gardens created a few years back, and since our last visit has greatly matured. An ideal place to sit, or stand, to take in views of Lyme Regis.

The town is a mosaic of narrow, windy streets rising steeply up from the sea.

As someone who takes photos just for pleasure, I was pleased with the photo used in my last post, (a postcard from Worthing), of how perfect it looks (positioning, colour etc), in an amateur's eyes anyway. In this photo no manipulation was used at all, and it got me thinking, and later tinkering with recent holidays snapshots.

With many packages available nowadays for manipulating photos, often one touch of a button, and thinking back to another post of mine of snaps taken by family of Port Isaac in Cornwall back in the '50s, I decided to save a few snaps in black and white.

Does black and white photography offer a more creative view to the world? Do you prefer black and white to colour? Please leave a vote in my July poll?

Back to colour. Bunting in monochrome just don't look quite the same!


Christy said...

what a beautiful seaside town!a perfect place for a holiday!

LizzieJane said...

I grew up in an English seaside town so I loved seeing these pictures. What a wonderful place to visit.

nikkipolani said...

Wonderful images, Louise. I especially like the black-and-white one of the town's narrow streets.

Chelle said...

The photos are incredible. They made me pause a moment from my crazy life today and really take in the beauty. Thanks for posting them. I am so envious that you get to take in these sights so often. It is just gorgeous.

Sal said...

I love the photos,especially the black and white ones.
It's really difficult to choose though...maybe black and white leaves more to the imagination!Thanks for a lovely post.

Anonymous said...

Great photos, especially the one of the sails on the water. Reminds me of all the white sails I see on the lake at the weekends (the poor buggers often don't have much in the way of wind but they're still out there)!

Ally Jay said...

Made me feel homesick to see such beautiful shots. I haven't checked out shoe size but what a great idea!

Steve Coulter said...

Nor does snooker :) Did you go to the dinosaur/fossil museum in Lyme Regis? It's great :) Sorry if you didn't! ~ BigBro

Flighty said...

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!
I generally prefer colour but some photos do look better in black and white. xx

Kris said...

Ahhh! Bunting! It always looks so quintessentially English to me. I have never been to England and so my ideas of it are ones I get from tv. It may be nothing like I think!!! I recently discovered "Doc Martin" and now I think I know Port Issac. I have the dvds and tend to watch them over and over. I think my ideas about bunting come from watching English tv shows too!

Rosie said...

What a lovely post - I have so many happy memories of Lyme Regis and reading this has brought them all flooding back - thankyou! I like black and white photos as they are very atmospheric and have a slight mystery to them but then I love the warmth and contrast colour gives too:)